• Eanaigh Alta Estate, Liseggerton, Clones, Co. Monaghan
  • 19 Unit Older Person’s Scheme
  • Oaklee lead construction
  • CAS


The design concept of the proposed residential development was prepared after preliminary discussions between Monaghan County Council and Vincent Hannon Architects and forms the basis of the design of the site layout and housing types.

House Design – The variety of house types are designed with a similar depth to allow ease of interchange of types within a cohesive streetscape and efficient layout. Space standards for all the dwellings are generally in accordance (and often exceed) with the requirements set out in the ‘Quality Housing for Sustainable Communities’ document and the relevant sections of the MCC Development Plan. Use of natural daylight and sunlight has been maximised, with all windows sized to allow good daylight penetration.

A mix of houses for range of users has been provided to meet the specific housing need identified by MCC. The majority of housing need is for the elderly with a majority of 2 bed houses. These are intentionally distributed to be surrounded by a mix of elderly residential houses to integrate them within the community and ensure support from neighbours.

The energy performance of each house will comply with the requirements of the building regulations, achieving a BER of A3 or better. Detail of the energy performance and Part L compliance is included in the Preliminary Energy Assessment & Part L Compliance Analysis.


Completion of A3 energy rated x 19 units




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