It is possible to apply for a transfer to another Oaklee Housing property, another housing association property or to a Local Authority property. However we can only accept applications for transfers within our own housing stock.

If you wish to apply for a transfer to another housing association or a Local Authority property you must contact the relevant organisation directly.

Transfers between Oaklee Housing homes

Under normal circumstances, you should have held a tenancy for two years at your existing property. Under certain circumstances, this two-year restriction can be waived, where in the Association’s view your current accommodation is completely unsuitable for your needs.

You must have kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement. For example, we will not accept applications for transfers from tenants who have rent arrears or have a history of anti-social behaviour.

Transfer requests will be considered under the following grounds; overcrowding, medical grounds and good housing management grounds.

A transfer must be approved by the relevant Local Authority before it can take place.

We cannot confirm how long you may have to wait for a transfer to a suitable property. It will depend on when and if suitable properties become vacant in the area you wish to move to.

Apply for a Transfer

Please contact Oaklee Housing Services Centre for a transfer application form Tel: 01 400 2650 or e-mail You should complete this form and provide any relevant information to support your request. If you need any help completing the form, our housing staff are available to provide guidance.

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