Oaklee Housing provides a range of social housing for rent throughout Ireland including; housing for families, single people, elderly people and people with a physical or intellectual disability. We currently have a stock of 2,300 properties in various locations across the Republic of Ireland. 

Oaklee Housing is committed to delivering as much quality, affordable homes as possible to assist those in housing need.

Our Housing Categories

Sheltered Housing

If you are aged over 55 and want to remain living in your community with the added benefits of security, independence, peace of mind and support as required, then you may be interested in living in one of our sheltered housing schemes. To be eligible for sheltered housing you must be: Over 55 years old (In some developments over 60), eligible to be included on a Local Authority housing waiting list, or an existing Housing Association or Local Authority tenant who would like to transfer to a sheltered housing property. Eligible applicants who wish to return to Ireland from overseas (through the Safe Home programme) may also be considered. We believe that it is important that older people are provided with the opportunity to remain living as independently as possible. Sheltered housing is purpose-built housing that allows residents to live independently, with the help of some additional supports. All of our sheltered housing schemes are integrated within the wider community giving older people access to the facilities that they require while also feeling part of a community.

General Needs Housing

The term 'General Needs Housing' is used to describe housing for rent that is suitable for anyone over the age of 16 who does not require any help or support, including single people, couples or families. The accommodation is normally provided in a self – contained bungalow, house, flat or maisonette form.

How to apply for Social Housing

  • You should make an application to the Local Authority where you live. You can find contact details for each of the Local Authorities here.
  • The Local Authority will issue you with an application form. When completing the application form you should consider applying for different types of social housing including Local Authority and Housing Associations to increase your chances of being made an offer of suitable accommodation. Please make sure you tick the boxes marked ‘Rented Local Authority Accommodation’ and ‘Voluntary/Co-operative Housing’ on the form if you wish to be considered for all social Housing providers in your area.
  • You will be asked to select a number of areas where you would like to live. You should think carefully about the areas you choose, ensuring that they will meet your needs in relation to amenities and proximity to transport links, schools and family support. You should also make enquiries in relation to the length of waiting lists in your areas of preference as in some areas the waiting time might be several years and for other areas it may be much shorter.
  • The Local Authority will complete an assessment of your application and will consider; your household income to see if you are eligible to join the list, your present accommodation and it’s condition and any special circumstances which mean that your property is no longer suitable for your needs. In general, you must already be living in the Local Authority area or have a local connection with the area where you are applying – though in certain circumstances a local authority may agree to waive this requirement.
  • If you are eligible for social housing, the Local Authority will confirm this in writing, place you on their housing waiting list and advise you of your position on the list . Housing is usually allocated to applicants in order of priority and length of time on the list. Priority on waiting lists is normally given to families and older people or people with a disability rather than singles and couples without children. Your position on the list will be affected by the circumstances of other people on the waiting list and by changes in your own situation.
  • When a vacancy arises within Oaklee’s stock, we will request suitable nominations from the Local Authority’s housing waiting list.

Vacancies can arise in Oaklee’s stock via a number of avenues;

  • New stock has been acquired or
  • when an existing tenant moves out of one of our properties
  • It should be noted that as we have a limited amount of stock, vacancies do not arise very often.
  • If your name is nominated by the local authority, the Local Authority and Oaklee will contact you to provide you details regarding the vacancy. If you are interested in being considered for the vacancy we will invite you to attend an interview.
  • Following the interview, if you receive a clear Garda check and the property is suitable for your needs we will confirm in conjunction with the local authority which applicants will receive an offer of housing.

If you would like further information on the housing application process, please visit the Citizens Information website www.citizensinformation.ie

Where we are

Our properties are located across the Republic of Ireland.



Apply for Housing FAQ's

What is social housing?

Social housing is rented housing for people on low incomes with affordable rents. It is provided by local authorities and housing associations. Social housing makes up approximately 10% of all the housing stock in Ireland, with housing associations, including Oaklee Housing providing 27,000 tenancies. Rents for social housing are either set at an affordable level or are in a majority of cases based on a household’s income and will vary depending on the household’s circumstances and income changes.

Who is eligible for Social Housing?

To be eligible for social housing, an individual must have applied to the Local Authority in their area.  The Local Authority assesses the application and makes a decision as to an applicant’s eligibility. Each Local Authority has different eligibility criteria for inclusion on their housing waiting list. We would recommend that interested applicants contact their Local Authority in the first instance for more details on their eligibility criteria. Once applicants have been assessed and approved by the Local Authority they are placed on the housing waiting list for their areas of choice. If you wish to be considered for Oaklee Housing properties, applicants should indicate on the Housing Application form that they wish to be considered for housing provided by Approved Housing Bodies.

Can applications for housing be made directly to Oaklee Housing for our properties?

No, Oaklee can only accept nominations from the relevant Local Authority, when a vacancy arises in one of our developments.

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