18 May 2018

The staff recognition awards for last quarter were presented by Michael McDonnell, Choice Group Chief Executive to wining staff members; Christopher Canning (customer centred), Susan Fee (dynamic) and Mark Hamilton (trustworthy).

Mark Hamilton - Trustworthy

Mark Hamilton, Property Services Officer was nominated and awarded the Trustworthy Staff Award as he has shown real dependability on two significant projects for Oaklee Housing in the last 12 months.  Mark has confidently identified latent defects in two apartment blocks and built a team of professionals around him.  He also dealt with key agencies such as the Fire Service and Gas Network in working to find the best solution, mindful at all times of the risk posed to our tenants. 

Christopher Canning - Customer Centred

Christopher Canning, Income Recovery Officer, demonstrates empathy and consideration for tenants in his calm and assured telephone manner, advising them of the status of their rent accounts and offering payments options.Despite the potentially difficult nature of some of these conversations, he maintains a professional attitude at all times.

Chris is also a key member of the Area 4 team, providing Housing Officers with regular updates on increasing arrears and issuing tasks on required actions. He constantly updates records on all the team’s rent accounts to ensure the real expected balances are available to colleagues, adding detailed and relevant comments at each stage of the income recovery processes.

Susan Fee – Dynamic

Susan Fee, Senior Property Assets Co-Ordinator, has been a key team member in the continued success of the Assets department. Susan has diversified into Project Management and has just recently passed the Prince 2 Practitioner course. Susan is a dynamic team member and is continually using her skills to contribute to the growth of Assets and Choice.


Congratulations again to Mark, Christopher and Susan on their hard work and dedication to Choice and Oaklee Housing! 

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