24 Oct 2022

On Wednesday October 26th, Oaklee Housing has arranged an Energy Efficiency Zoom presentation for tenants.

If you, like almost everyone in Ireland, are worried about the rising cost of energy and the impact it's going to have on your bills this winter, then this presentation is an absolute must.

Delivered by Oaklee Housing's in-house energy expert, Daniel Eggerton, this presentation will not only give you a genuine understanding of how energy is measured by the gas and electricity companies, but it will also explain how much an average house costs to run.

Daniel will go through real tips on where a lot of energy wastage occurs and how you can stop it. He'll cover savings that can be made by changing the way you wash your dishes to switching off your appliances at night.

We will send you a zoom link by text on Wednesday afternoon and hope that you'll be able to join us on the day.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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