30 Mar 2023

During the week of the 24th of March, the Oaklee Housing Social Committee took part in the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day to help raise funds for lifesaving cancer research. This was also the inaugural event organised and hosted by our newly formed Social Committee.

For the past couple of years, it has been hard for the Oaklee Housing team to gather together. Along with the obvious health crisis, the fractured location of team all over the Republic of Ireland, made it difficult to meet up. Thus, Itching for a bit of camaraderie, the social committee group was born. 

For the first event, the Committee, wanting to organise a charity fundraiser, felt it would be good to start with a cause that meant a lot to not just our team, but the wider community as well. With cancer being a disease that effects so many people, we chose Daffodil Day as our cause to support for.  

Focusing our efforts on a bake sale we invited members of the team to put their aprons on and get baking.

On the day, one of the Social Committee members commented, “Daffodil Day was chosen by us because the vibrancy of the day reminds us that there remains a glimmer of hope even amongst all the sadness and helplessness that is felt when family, friends, and colleagues are surrounded by such overwhelming darkness. And despite the reasoning behind us raising money for this day it has brought a lot of brightness to our office this week in the little things that we have done.”

Culinary contributions from across the various departments of the organisation were amazing, we had everything from gingerbread men and lemon drizzle tray bakes to cake pops and caramel squares. 

We also had a gorgeous Hope Tree that by the end of the morning was covered in stars, each representing a friend or family member effected by cancer. 

The morning was spent trying each other’s different cakes, chatting over coffee and generally catching up with team members, old and new.  Everyone wore yellow pins on their shirts in unity and pride for the day. 

Of course. at an Oaklee Housing event, there needs to be an element of competition. Everyone was invited to vote for their favourite cake. Once  everyone was done trying the sweet treats, and the many votes were counted, the winner was announced. In the end, Aaron with his luscious lemon drizzle and Cailtlin with her dangerously tasty caramel squares - both  members of our finance team - won best cake. It seems that being good with numbers and baking must correspond in some way!

In the end, everyone was rolled out of the board room, full and invigorated by the positive nature of the gathering. For the Social Committee, this was a successful first event which reinforced the willingness and need for the team to get together not just for a great cause such as cancer research, but also for the need to connect and engage with their fellow team members.

The event raised almost €650 for cancer research – A massive well done to the Social Committee. If you wish to learn more and donate, please visit: https://www.cancer.ie

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